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Reception home learning

As you are all aware, at Millbrook, our Reception is all about fun, fun, fun. So whilst your children are at home allow them to learn through play, use their imagination and enjoy talking with them. Outdoor play will support their problem solving skills and stimulate their senses. Here are some ideas to bring their home learning to life;

  • Whilst your child is playing with princesses or dinosaurs ask them if they can come up with a story about them. Then maybe they could write some sentences about it.
  • Allow them to build with lego and create imaginary worlds
  • Get out in the garden and ask your child to build an obstacle course. Ask them to give you instructions on how to complete it.
  • Cook with them and see if they can remember the order of a recipe?
  • Share a book together and ask them how the character may feel? Why do you think the character took a certain action?

Oxford Owl Reading Tree
- Share an online book with your child

Amazon audible books-

Phonics Play- Some great interactive games that the children love.

Phonics sound mats are available from Twinkl. Just create your free account using the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

Mr Thorne
- Pronunciation of phonic sounds can be tricky. Mr Thorne's Youtube channel helps with pronunciation and is very child friendly.

Training Space- Every day at 9.45am Jane Considine is streaming live English lessons for every age group

IXL English- Packed full of English skills activities and quizzes,


Millbrook's Reception love real life maths so we do a lot of practical maths. Here are some ideas;

  • Count all the time! When you are going up stairs, laying out the table, the
    numbers of buttons being done up, counting socks in the washing, counting out
    apples in the supermarket
  • Money- Give your child real money to play with (maybe not a £10 note!). Can they
    recognise the coins? Show your child how you count out amounts.
  • Marbles- drop marbles into a container, children count what they hear?
  • Have toy clocks, money, a role play shop at home.
  • Play with threading beads, and lacing cards.
  • Can they recognise numbers on road signs, house numbers, number plates etc?


White Rose Maths-
A fantastic maths resource that gives you five lessons a week (in line with the curriculum) with a helpful video followed by a worksheet.

Topmarks- A variety of Maths games that are fun and engaging.

IXL- Packed full of quizzes and activities.

Mission Statement

At Millbrook, we want to encourage your child to become a learner for life, building up their resilience, confidence, independence and creativity through teamwork with an ability to respect and embrace diversity in all its forms.

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